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Flashback: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Today the Recording Academy announced the 2012  Grammy Hall of Fame inductees. Among the 25 songs, pieces, and speeches being inducted, only one hip-hop track made the cut: “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

The song was released on Sugar Hill Records in 1982 and has often been listed as one of the greatest hip-hop songs in history.

“The Message” has been sampled by some of everybody from Coolio, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube to Method Man, Dead Prez, included on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City video game and even sung by penguins on Happy Feet.

Other Hall of Fame inductees include Mahalia Jackson’s “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”; Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Marked by both cultural and historical significance, these works truly have influenced and inspired audiences for generations, and we are thrilled to induct them into our growing catalog of outstanding recordings.

– Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy on how The Academy selects inductees.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are definitely rooted as part of the hip-hop foundation and “The Message” induction is well-deserved. Check the video for classic record below

Video: “Time Bomb” – Cold Men Young

When it comes to rap groups in the city, aside from D-12, Cold Men Young was the first one I got hip to (and actually liked).

A few days ago, they released the video for their joint “Time Bomb” off their upcoming album #YSBAF (You Should Be a Fan).

Every once in a while it happens.

The perfect storm of political climate and creativity, a clash of frustration and resilience to widespread apathy, a melding of art and the desire to make change in a city/state/country that has been promised so much and delivered so little […] We’ve all been there, and we are increasingly fed up. We want to change our surroundings but it takes all we have to simply not explode. […] You’re a Time Bomb. And you are not alone.

Check it out.

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T.I.’s Family Hustle?

Tiny is no stranger to reality TV and neither is her multi-platinum husband, T.I.

Despite claims T.I. didn’t want Tiny to do reality TV in the past, the two are back with their own show on VH1: “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

From what I’ve read this show pretty much picks up where BET left off—sort of. You’ll see how T.I. handled his son, Domani, wanting to be a rapper, him talking to his kids about why school is important, the relationship he has with his wife Tiny and all while he’s trying to reclaim his seat in hip-hop after a yearlong prison sentence.

“Tameka and I have a strong, loving family,” said T.I. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career.  It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.”

The 10 episode series is set to air December 5, at 9 p.m. on VH1.

Flashback: “Overweight Lovers in the House” – Heavy D

As you’re reading this, thousands of tweets are being sent with R.I.Ps and Wows, one of hip-hop’s heavy hitters, Heavy D, who the rap community just watched him take it back to the days of dancing rappers as he closed out the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards, his first  performance in 15 years.

Literally just refreshed my Twitter timeline and wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t for the fact that dream hampton tweeted it.

The news comes as a surprise to many, only a few weeks ago, he performed at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Wales and even tweeted just yesterday:

According to TMZ, Heavy D was rushed to an L.A. hospital at around noon after being discovered passed out on a walkway. When EMS arrived, Heavy D was conscious and responsive, before being pronounced dead at around 1 p.m.

The cause of death has not been publicly announced, but police have said that there is no evidence of foul play.

Heavy D was 44 years old.

R.I.P to everyone’s favorite overweight lover, Heavy D.

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